Oh, you haven't lived until you've seen this group of Disney villains in a Broadway-style production number! Cruella de Vil, the Evil Queen from Snow White, Ursula, the Queen of Hearts, Scar, and Malificent sing about their nefarious deeds that weren't addressed in the animated movies. It's a reworking of "Cell Block Tango" from Chicago and look for Adam Lambert (he's Captain Hook).  

American Idol finalist, Broadway actor and youtube sensation Todrick Hall teamed up with Marlon Wayans' new company "What The Funny" to produce a viral Halloween video. The real Divas of Disney have collaborated with yours truly to give you a very special Halloween gift. Thank you so much to Adam Lambert, Shoshana Bean, Cassie Scerbo, Amber Riley, Blake McGrath, Kimberly Cole and Pia Toscano for lending me your talents. Special thanks to the dancers, Drew Reese, Peter Gill, Chester Lockhart, Davis Rahal, Steven Dehler, Jared North, Hondo Tey, Noelle Boney and Aaron McGuire. And a HUGE thank you to Jean-Yeves a.k.a. Jeeve Ducournet for doing the music, producing and recording. I have always had a strange fascination with the Disney villains' side of the classic fairy tales and now through the music of Chicago you'll get to hear their stories.

Thank you to The Norris Center for the Performing Arts in Rolling Hills Estates, CA