(Washington, DC)  --  President Obama is urging lawmakers to quickly end a partial government shutdown.  In a statement from the Rose Garden, Obama put the blame squarely on Republicans in the House.  He said the, quote, "Republican shutdown did not have to happen."  The partial government shutdown continues to unfold after the Senate and House failed to break an impasse over extending funding.  The main sticking point involves attempts by House Republicans to hinder Obamacare.  

Obama accused House Republicans of holding the government hostage with ideological demands that have nothing to do with funding government operations.  He insisted the Affordable Care Act is settled law and is "here to stay."  The President also touted the launch of a key part of Obamacare.  Those without health insurance can now start enrolling in healthcare exchanges in their states.  

In the Rose Garden event, Obama surrounded himself with people who qualify for the exchanges.  He said tens of thousands of people die each year because they didn't have health insurance.  The President noted that there will be "glitches" in the rollout and vowed that they will be fixed.  He also urged people to visit the website, www.healthcare.gov