July 1, 2014 -


Starting today, "slow-poke" drivers in the left may get a ticket if they don't move over for faster traffic behind them.  Here’s more from the EffinghamCounty Sheriff's Office, which says it will begin enforcing Georgia's the new law immediately:

Georgia law requires drivers in the left lane of a four lane highway or interstate to merge to the right lane when faster traffic approaches from behind.

This law is intended to reduce traffic congestion, as well as cut down on confrontations and road rage.

The law leaves several provisions where drivers can remain in the left lane:

(1) When traffic conditions or congestion make it necessary to drive in the passing lane;

(2) When inclement weather, obstructions, or hazards make it necessary to drive in the passing lane; 

(3) When compliance with a law of this state or with an official traffic control device        makes it necessary to drive in the passing lane; 

(4) When a vehicle must be driven in the passing lane to exit or turn left; 

(5) On toll highways, when necessary to pay a toll or use a pass; 

(6) To authorized emergency vehicles engaged in official duties; or 

(7) To vehicles engaged in highway maintenance and construction operations.


Drivers will face a misdemeanor if they're ticketed.