Your Name:  Person who has him is Brandi Dixon
Email address:
Phone Number: 912-
Indicate LOST or FOUND:  FOUND 

Is there a collar/tag/microchip? Please describe:  Nothing

When and where the animal was last seen, or when/where you found it.

He is very friendly. Walking between two houses. Very loving.  Bradley pointe off hwy 17 in the Villages of Vallambrosia


Showed up at a friends house on this cold wet morning! He doesn't appear to have a home and is super friendly. He was too scared to come inside so I set him up in our shed. 

Anyone interested in helping this poor guy out? I know what will happened if animal control gets him and I am unable to keep him. I'm giving him shelter from the cold but I defiantly can't keep him. Seems to be doing good. I am worried he has the mange or something as he has several bald raw spots on him!

He is located in Bradley pointe off hwy 17 in the Villages of Vallambrosia.

Please contact Brandi Dixon or Shauna Wells if you are in anyway possible to help this guy out.