I had never heard of checking at Animal Control for adoptable pets until I heard you speak of it on the radio. Our oldest daughter just moved to Augusta, GA and is a student at MCG. Sure, she's made friends, but comes home to an empty house every day. She wanted a pet to love and care for. After considering the options she, her dad, and I decided that a cat was the best choice. I told my husband how I had head about adopting from Animal Control from your speaking of it on the radio. I had gone to the website, had a cat in mind, but unfortunately I was too late to adopt/save her. BUT we found the cutest kitten that is so sweet and loving. We adopted her today right there on the spot, and made a small donation to help other animals also. Our daughter is coming to pick her up tomorrow and is so excited about her "new baby". It feels good to have saved a life in the process too. Two birds with one stone, so to speak!! I wanted to write to you just to say thank you. Thank you for being a voice for these poor animals. Thank you for alerting me to these animals, and all that you are trying to do to save more just like her. God bless you and all the volunteers that work there with these animals. Here is a picture of the "new baby". She isn't named yet, my daughter will name her when she sees her tomorrow, but is leaning towards Sophie or Zoë. With greatest and sincerest gratitude, Darlene Carter