Not a happy weekend at the Savannah shows, in the ring Wally did well with Lynnette's cavie boy, winning 3 out of 2 of the days...but on Sunday afternoon, outside the RV, some crazy lady tried to grab my African Gray, Ricky,as she sat on her cage in the sun...Wally yelled to stay away but she kept
approaching and Ricky took off like a rocket with Wally running behind...her wings were half clippe...d but that didn't stop her...she flew over a forest across the river
and we hoped that she dropped into the forest...I came back to the RV and we managed to get across the road and the river into the forest, searched for 2 hours as best we could but no sight or sound of her. Many of our doggy friends helped to search with their bikes and golf charts but Ricky never appeared.
If, by chance, anyone in the Savannah near the Civic Center should possibly see or catch her, she is banded on her leg and her ID number is RL12 email
is cannot look at her cage without crying...I loved her...