Your Name: Tom Soodsma
Email address:
Phone Number: 772-321-5144 or 912-665-2110
Indicate LOST or FOUND:  LOST.  $1,000 REWARD!


Pet's name if known
(Is it a dog, cat, bird, etc.) 
Dog.  Name is Toeby
Is there a collar/tag/microchip? Please describe:
No collar.  "Home Again" microchip
Height, weight, age if known.
10 pounds.  Will be 3 years old in August. Dad is Yorkie.  Mom is dachsund/chihuahua mix.  Tri-color of grey/black/brown.
Male or Female? Spayed or Neutered?
Male.  Neutered.
When and where the animal was last seen, or when/where you found it.

Last seen in the  Battery Point area of Whitemarsh Island.  Possible sighting was along Rt 80 near WalMart getting into the white SUV of a political campaign volunteer who had stopped traffic to save him.  This was about noon on Monday the 19th.  The reward is offered without questions.  We love Toeby and just want him back home.