In preparation for an influx of motorists traveling along Savannah-Chatham Highways during the firework displays on the Fourth of July weekend, The Savannah-Chatham Metropolitan Police Department has implemented a traffic operations plan to reduce delays and relieve congestion
SCMPD officers will be strategically located on U. S. HWY 80 and in the Downtown corridor where historically long back-ups, short tempers, and occasional low-speed traffic crashes occur following the fireworks display.

Starting on the evening of July 3, additional officers will be posted along HWY 80 to monitor traffic flow.  Officers will be posted at main intersections along HWY 80 and will be manually operating traffic lights to ensure traffic is steadily moving westbound from Tybee Island.  

With an estimated 60,000 spectators in the downtown area for the 4th of July fireworks on

River Street
there will be some delays. However, SCMPD officers working at various intersections are expected to facilitate a seamless traffic flow, prevent bottle-necking, and move motorists safely to their destinations.

To ensure the safety of our officers, and help minimize delays, motorists should be vigilant, patient, and obedient to officers directing traffic.  This especially means NOT stopping to ask officers for directions.  

Public parking lots on
River Street
will be closed beginning Saturday morning around and will remain closed until early Sunday.

River Street will close to vehicular traffic Saturday at and will reopen early Sunday morning.

The conclusion of the annual fireworks brings with it significant traffic challenges.  The bulk of the people leaving downtown after the fireworks display want to get onto I-16.  As a result, most motorists try to get onto
MLK Blvd.
 This creates heavy traffic congestion along the MLK corridor, and west bound traffic on
Bay Street
.  In an effort to help move traffic, Metro will implement a comprehensive traffic plan which includes forcing vehicles out alternative routes away from the downtown area.  All of these routes include alternative ways of reaching I-16.  The key components of the traffic plan include:

·        Prohibiting southbound traffic on MLK from
Bay Street
.  Westbound vehicular traffic will be forced westbound.  Alternative routes to I-16 will be through East Lathrop to Louisville, or into Garden City.

·        Traffic on
Whitaker Street
will be forced Southbound.  Alternate routes to I-16 are
Gwinnett Street
37th Street

·        Price Street will be open and can be used to get to
37th Street
which will take you to I-16.

·        Additional signage will be deployed to assist driver in locating the alternative routes to I-16.  Those who are not familiar with the direction the detour is taking them should be mindful of the signage          and use it

·        Traffic headed towards the island via
President Street
should flow as usual.

As a reminder, parking vehicles on the
Truman Parkway
, and Taldmage Bridge is against the law.  Each year Metro Police is forced to position officers on these two limited access highways to prevent people from trying to get a better look at the fireworks.

Metro Police wishes everyone a Fun and Safe Fourth of July weekend!