On January 21 President Obama will have taken the oath of office four times. You were thinking second time, right? In 2009 Chief Justice John Roberts botched the wording of the oath, forcing a private re-do the following day. This year, January 20 — the date the oath of office must be taken, according to the Constitution — falls on a Sunday. Since national ceremonies are typically not held on Sundays, Obama will fulfill his constitutional obligation privately on Sunday and then again, ceremonially, the following day before a massive crowd. He will be the only president in U.S. history to have taken the oath of office four times, besides Franklin D. Roosevelt, who was actually elected four times.


  Over a half-million people are expected on the National Mall Monday (January 21) when President Obama is sworn in for his second term. Nearly 2 million were in attendance in 2009.

  There will be 2 official inaugural balls, down from the 10 that Obama had in 2009.

  147 horses are participating in the inaugural parade.

  6,900 rolls of toilet paper will be stocked by the Smithsonian’s National Museum of Natural History. Restrooms at the museum, on the National Mall, will be open Inauguration Day and during a 2,000-guest reception the night before.

  1,100 portable toilets will be available along the parade route.

  200 police officers from around the country will be sworn in and temporarily deputized as Metro Transit Police officers to supplement an all-hands-on-deck security effort.

  2,500 tour buses are expected in D.C. for the weekend.

  2,000 recycling bins will line the National Mall.