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With his new album Money Sucks, Friends Rule due out in October, besides being one of the hottest music producers currently in the dance scene, Dillon Francis has also become one of the entertaining people to follow on Instagram.  He has created multiple characters, including DJ Rich AF, Hanzel, Treva, Greg, and Becky...which he famously posts videos as.  But where did all the characters come from?

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"Hanzel is actually a real person from Berlin, his name is Oscar, " Dillon says.  "DJ Rich AF got born from seeing a lot of private jet pictures on Instagram.  And I was like, 'Man, I wanna make jokes about some DJ that's like really rich, but his back story is that he's so rich that he just wishes he had friends.  But he tries to flaunt his money to get them."

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Besides getting ready for his new album to be released, Dillon is also about to set sail on the Mad Decent Boat Party.  What can you expect cruising the seas with Dillon Francis?  And who does he think would be the first to go overboard?  And how truly awkward was that Coffee Run with Deadmau5 & Skrillex?  Find out, as we get you All Access with Dillon Francis. Listen below:

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