This girl was involved in a horrible crash after texting and driving. Miraculously she survived -- and she didn't kill anyone. Guess what happened exactly one year later.

Posted by Shared on Sunday, December 11, 2016


Let this story be a lesson for everyone reading it. Texting and Driving do not mix!

This daughter got into two accidents texting while driving. She was killed during the second time.

The second time should have never happened.

The daughter's name is Amanda, and she got into her first accident back in 2006 beacause she was hit by another driver.

Fortunately, she survived this crash with only minor injuries.

It was then, almost exactly one year, the same girl lost control of the car. She passed away the following day.


She was driving while on a highway and she was texting at the time.

The moral of the story is simple... life gives you lessons we should all learn from. It's not worth it. No matter what. 

Source: America Now