New Jersey man's lawn mowing business is helping elderly and vets FOR FREE

Brian Schwartz from Wayne New Jersey wants to mow your lawn. Don’t believe him? Ask the patent office—he trademarked the phrase. He has started a nationwide movement to automate and scale kindness after losing his job during the pandemic and feeling like he wanted to make a positive impact in the world.

Soon after, he started a volunteer lawn care organization to help seniors, the disabled, and veterans mow their lawns, trim their hedges, and cut back their trees. And he does it all for free!

“When we help someone like Edna, a dedicated teacher juggling personal battles, or Peter a D-Day Veteran who stormed the Beaches of Normandy, it’s incredibly fulfilling,” Schwartz told GNN. “Every lawn mowed is not just grass cut; it’s relief provided, a burden eased, and a community strengthened.”

Now the movement has spread internationally. Brian now oversees over 500 volunteers in 46 states, with similar orgs springing up in Australia, the UK, and Canada. His volunteers will also help those in need of removing snow and ice from their lawns!

I Want To Mow Your Lawn and its volunteers have spruced up over 2,000 lawns, but all this helping others springs from a strong foundation at home. Below are some stories about him and one family he is helping out:

Photo: owngarden / Moment / Getty Images

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