Toby is back is he lovin' some lovin'....

Toby's owner posted this, saying 

"Toby after eating groomed himself standing up for the first time .Getting stronger"


From Toby's Owner:  So many questions are poring in . My time is dedicated to my boys recovery so please be patient w responses . To answer few .Toby recognized me . When I️ got him home and opened the kennel . Toby head butted me and rubbed against me to show affection walked about two steps ate and walked right back in to lay down . That was all the strength he had ..He was great full and relieved .Hildi his mom who raised him started crying when she smelled him even walk in the front door and he cried back to her . She saw him and cried by the cage door wanting to see him but his condition all he could do is lay and cry back . Thank you for all the love and prayers . Please continue to do so as he fights daily ..,


Toby is not out of the woods yet .. . He has phenomena, extremely  dehydrated  , anemic , open wounds and weak . His normal weight was about 40lbs he  is down to 17 lbs. as he has been fighting to stay alive for 4 months. Today he was attached by a dog as he was weak and resting . Things happen for a reason and if he wasn’t attached today he wouldnt have made it a few more days in the condition he was in .Please pray for his recovery . I will to continue to update .

UPDATE:  2 hours ago (6pm Eastern) the owner posted that the cat was rescued and is at the vet's. Toby, the cat, has been seen in the area for several months but never got close enough for her to retrieve.  More info as it becomes available.  She wrote:

Merry Christmas ! Toby has been rescued and now at the vet on good hands . I️ will keep all posted .

She has a Facebook page you can visit:

2 year old domesticated pet African Serval cat (looks like small Leopard) lost in Hardeville - area of Plantation Drive and 170. Last seen by Jehovah Witness Hall 1/4 mile down road. He is tame and never been outside alone. He is big, about 45 pounds. He was scared by electric company worker and broke an old window in family home just bought (remodeling) and got out. We are terrified he will be shot by hunter or hurt in other way. We really want him back and offering A $1000 cash reward for his safe return. Please help us! God Bless! Call Christine if you see him. Don't try to go after him--call 570-760-4597

Here is Christine's message:

Lost in Hardeeville - African Serval Cat - he was raised by hand - not dangerous but big reward for help bringing Toby home safe! He is a rescue cat that just moved with us to Hardeeville in the unincorporated area of Hwy 170 & 46 (Plantation Drive) in Hardeeville in the unincorporated area.

An unscheduled electric visit frightened him and he broke through a window and escaped. He was raised from a small baby on bottle and only knows us as his family. He won't make a good pet for anyone but us as these cats are only comfortable with their own family that raised him. He is not mean but will be scared and could scratch or bite.

We are concerned he could be shot during hunting season and he is likely scared and hungry. We need everyone's help getting the word out. Please report this news!

He is about the size of a bobcat and looks like a small leopard. We are desperate to find him! Photos of Toby attached.

 Please put the news out and to call us at 570-760-4597. Toby is like our child and part of our family. We are in tears!

Another sighting today...but unfortunately when people say they've seen it they aren't taking a picture or, more importantly, they aren't calling the owner!!!

toby sighting

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