Kevin Hart apologizes to his wife and family

Kevin Hart went viral over the weekend when he released a video on Instagram of him apologizing to his wife and his children. Kevin’s video stated that he wasn’t a perfect man and that he didn’t want another person to benefit from his pain.

… TMZ says the sex tape is nearly five minutes long, but not all five of those minutes contain sex scenes. Instead, the sex tape that features a man who looks like Kevin is 4 minutes, 47 seconds long and features a high level of production. The video includes audio interviews with Hart when he appeared on various radio stations. Then the sex tape was edited to cut to a scene of two people having sex — but those folks having sex in the bed can’t be easily identified. However, when the naked man gets up after the sex is over and walks around the room, TMZ reported that the man looks like Kevin.

… According to the person who created the video of Kevin, there were two reasons for producing the video: Not only did she want to expose Kevin as an alleged cheater, but also to gain money from the sex tape.

(Video contains some adult language)

Sending so many apologies to my wife & kids. I gotta do better and I will. I'm not perfect and have never claimed to be ...I love you all.

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