Watch! Koala hitches a ride unbeknownst to the driver!

The oddest things happen in Australia, possibly just because they have such odd animals down there. A driver in Adelaide went for 10 miles before being flagged by other motorists. They wanted to alert him to the fact that there was a koala clinging to the wheel of his car. The Koala Rescue Hotline was called, and a rescue volunteer then contacted the Metropolitan Fire Service. A wheel had to be removed to free the koala. The poor thing came out of the experience fine, except for a little singed fur. 

While rushing the koala to the vet, Brister discovered she was lactating and likely missing a joey, or infant.

"I searched that night and the next day, and the next, but I never found it," she said.

After being fed in captivity for a few days the mother koala was released back into the wild.

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