High school student poses with McDonald's food for senior photos

When it came time for Mikayla Cleckler to choose a location for her senior photos, she headed to a local McDonald’s. The 17-year-old, who is graduating in 2018 from Northeast Jones High School in Mississippi, posed with various menu items near and dear to the hearts of fast-food lovers everywhere: French fries, large sodas, and Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches.

The shoot’s photographer, Jana Cooleyexplained the inspiration to POPSUGAR: “Mikayla is actually my cousin and one of my best friends. She texted me and asked if I would mind taking her senior pictures and I responded, ‘You know we’re taking these at McDonald’s, right?’ She is obsessed with their Buttermilk Chicken Sandwiches and just knowing the type of person she is, we wouldn’t be doing the world justice if we didn’t incorporate a little humor.”

Cooley says the two took “normal” senior photos too, but we’re hoping the McShoot makes it to the yearbook. Cooley’s photos of Cleckler have been shared over 20,000 times and have garnered 9,200 likes and nearly 12,000 comments. “Not pictured is the $1 ice cream cone, for reasons I’m sure you can guess,” Cooley captioned the album. “This senior is #McDone.”


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