Delilah Reveals Details Of Her Son’s Suicide Note

Delilah opened up to People Magazine about her 18-year-old son Zachariah, who took his own life on Oct. 3. She called him her "wild child" who had recently struggled with depression. "His goodbye note did not mention sadness, anger, angst or depression, just a pressing madness about feeling like this world was not his home," Delilah said. She did not reveal the manner in which Zack took his own life, but instead focused on his compassionate personality.

"He was a faithful friend to the outcast and the troubled. Dozens of his friends have written to me and told me he was like a counselor to them," she shared. The host also shared that a parent came forward and told her that her son "saved her daughter's life when she was battling depression and anorexia, insisting the girl tell her folks and going with her to do that." Delilah said that Zachariah, who had been involved in a car accident in December 2016 and later fell behind in school, "When he found out he wouldn't graduate, he spiraled into depression, and was honest about it."

 For the time being, Delilah is taking a leave of absence from her syndicated show. Zack was one of Delilah's 13 children — 10 of whom are adopted. Her program airs Sunday through Friday nights from 7p-midnight on 98.7 The River.

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