The launch of Echostar, the newest satellite for broadcast signals

I thought you might be interested in this with a little background information.

Radio and TV have used a dozen or more different satellites, historically, to receive programming and radio has been using the same 2-3 main ‘birds’ (as we call them) for the last 30 years or so. They are all old, dying and needing replacement.

99% of radio programming is now digital and comes from the same physical satellite, instead of a half-dozen that we used to use. So, now, only a single large satellite dish is required – but it has to be big due to the satellites being crammed together in space, only 2 degrees apart, over 23,000 miles away, in space.

Over the last couple years, iHeart has been replacing the big dishes we have at each studio so we could be prepared to receive the new satellite’s signals for all our satellite-delivered programming.

This week, the new satellite was launched into orbit successfully, and stands ready to take the place of the old bird in the coming weeks.

Here’s video of the actual satellite launch and deployment into orbit.

Don’t have to watch the whole thing… just skip around to the good parts where you see the satellite being deployed 23,000+ miles up. I still find it amazing that they can be so precise as to get the satelllite where it needs to begin and continue its orbit around the earth for many, many years to come.

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