Told not to sing the anthem on Delta flight carrying soldier's remains home

Pamela Gaudry is a Savannnah doctor who was flying to Atlanta on Delta. The flight was also carrying the remains of Staff SGT. Dustin Wright back home to Lyons, Georgia. She planned to sing the National Anthem and would get other passengers to join in as a tribute to his ultimate sacrifice, but a flight attendant told her it was "company policy" not do do that and was told to remain silent. As it turns out (see below) that is NOT Delta's policy (Delta contacted her). Here's her story complete with a very touching video. 

I want her NOT to berate herself for not having the courage to sing. It was a very difficult situation, an emotional one, and what she did here was much more effective and I'm sure somehow the soldier's family will see this and thank her for what she has done.

Delta Airlines needs to be sure that the flight attendant is corrected and that this matter is shared among all flight attendants company-wide.

After she posted the video, she put this follow-up on her Facebook page. 

Look at Delta's Honor Guard when flying home a soldier who has lost his/her life

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