Kelly Clarkson addresses body image in her new song "Whole Lotta Woman"

Kelly Clarkson has channeled years of dealing with comments about her weight into a new song, “Whole Lotta Woman.” The song is slated for her upcoming album, Meaning of Life, set to debut on October 27th.

“The media has always been obsessed with it [her size],” she told the Daily Mail. “And I have felt conflicted over the years. Do you address it? Do you talk about it? Because then you just add to the noise. But people like me to talk about it, so I don’t really mind carrying that flag. I love that people come up to me and say: ‘Because you are comfortable in your skin, you have made me more comfortable in mine.’ That’s the best compliment ever.”

She addressed the issue directly while introducing the song during an exclusive showcase at New York’s Rainbow Room last month.

“Too skinny, too fat, too blonde – so much blah. This is who I am and I’m happy,” she said. “Happy looks different on everyone.”

In the same interview, Kelly also discusses her feelings about the current political climate in the U.S.

“I’m for the best person to run the show and I definitely didn’t vote for this guy,” she says of President Trump. “But he won, so we need to get some great people around him to make better decisions.”

The American Idol alum adds, “Life has become a reality TV show, and I don’t want to be in suspense about what’s going to happen next week.”

Meanwhile, Kelly, who has three-year-old daughter River Rose and 18-month-old son Remington Alexander with husband Brandon Blackstock, says she teaches her kids to stand up for themselves.

“I said, ‘You tell mommy if somebody does anything inappropriate. You stand up for yourself. Even from a young age, I think you should instill that people, your children, should always stand up for themselves or speak out when something is wrong.

“I think if we start it at that young age, and you start molding people and growing to these very elevated individuals that help elevate society. It’s a really crucial time when you have children right now,” says Clarkson.

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