PHOTOS: Artists As Thanksgiving Food

We’re a week away from everyone’s favorite feasting holiday: Thanksgiving. To mentally prep you for the food coma, iHeartRadio has paired together two of our favorite passions (music and food) to bring you a very  important merging of both worlds. Take a look at 27 musicians as Thanksgiving food because the power of Photoshop is real. 

1. Sam Smith2. Walk The Moon3. Ty Dolla $ign4. Fetty Wap5. Alicia Keys6. Beyoncé7. Busta Rhymes8. Calvin Harris9. Chris Brown10. Smashing Pumpkins11. Smash Mouth 12. Tina Turner13. The Cranberries14. Fiona Apple15. Bruce Springsteen16. Cassie17. Sage The Gemini 18. LL Cool J19. JAY-Z20. Lucy Hale21. Spice Girls22. Bruno Mars23. Ludacris24. Kacey Musgraves25. John Mayer26. Katy Perry27. Mary J. Blige28. Ed Sheeran29. Puff Daddy30. Miranda Lambert31. Wiz Khalifa

32. James Bay33. Lenny Kravitz34. Ella Fitzgerald35. Paul McCartney36. Simon and Garfunkel37. Carole King



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