Social media shames rude airline passenger who dumped food in the aisle

A photo posted on Reddit’s “Trashy” forum of an airline passenger sitting next to a tray of trash has gone viral with some very harsh comments.

In the picture, an unnamed passenger is sitting in his seat reading a book next to a half-eaten tray of airline food and handfuls of trash that has been placed in the aisle.

The photo, which was titled “Man dumps his food into aisle after eating what he wants” on Reddit and Instagram, has thousands fuming over the disrespectful actions.

A Reddit user named, capitoloftexas, wrote, “Wtf is wrong with people?”

Another, proscriptus, took a more direct approach saying, “Everyone who walks by him needs to smack him upside the head.”

Others were just confused about why someone would behave this way.

An Instagram user commented, “Who does this?!?!”

“People are so unbelievable!! What kind of a person thinks that this is acceptable behavior!! He should be fined for this,” another wrote.

While no one came to the man’s defense, a Reddit user who identified him or herself as a flight attendant said, “Flight attendant here. Can’t say for sure if this photo is the passenger’s fault but I’ve seen passengers do this and it’s infuriating.”

Since the photo was posted on social media, it has amassed over 34,000 upvotes on Reddit and nearly 5,000 likes on Instagram. Over 3,000 comments have been made across both platforms.

The airline and passenger’s name are both unknown.

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