Which $2 children's TOY can keep your car spotless?

There's nothing more annoying that messy children wreaking havoc with your spotless car, but one motoring expert believes he's found a cheap and easy solution.

Sharing a video on Autoblog.com, the US-based expert explains that a $2.60 tub of Play-Doh can be used to clean up excess crumbs and dirt left on your car seats in seconds.

In a series called Autobloggers Car Hacks, where the team test the most common car hacks on the web and let users know which work, he tries the hack himself.

He explains: 'The idea is that the sticky texture of Play-Doh will pick up dirt regardless of what surface it may be on.'

He also adds that, originally, Play-Doh was used as a wallpaper cleaner in the 1930s.

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