For National Cookie Day: Georgia & South Carolina's favorite cookie

National Cookie Day is Dec. 4. If you live in Georgia, you might celebrate by eating peanut butter cookies, according to a survey released Thursday.

Nestlé Toll House asked 5,024 people nationwide what kind of cookies best remind them of their state. People had 57 choices, from traditional chocolate chip (two options: with and without nuts) and shortbread to flavors like green tea and apple cinnamon cookies. Using the data collected in October, Nestlé created a list of cookies that "best describe" each state.

Here's a list of the findings:

Alabama: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Alaska: Russian tea cakes 

Arizona: Mexican wedding 

Arkansas: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

California: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

Colorado: Chocolate chip with nuts

Connecticut: Chocolate chip without nuts

Delaware: Chocolate chip without nuts 

Florida: Orange

Georgia: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Hawaii: White chocolate macadamia nuts

Idaho: Oatmeal chocolate chip 

Illinois: Chocolate chip without nuts

Indiana: Chocolate chip without nuts

Iowa: Chocolate chip without nuts

Kansas: Chocolate chip without nuts

Kentucky: Bourbon spice

Louisiana: Maple pecan

Maine: Molasses 

Maryland: Chocolate chip with nuts

Massachusetts: Cranberry 

Michigan: Chocolate chip without nuts

Minnesota: Chocolate chip without nuts

Mississippi: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

Missouri: Chocolate chip without nuts

Montana: Cowboy

Nebraska: Chocolate chip without nuts 

Nevada: Peanut butter with chocolate chips 

New Hampshire: Pumpkin spice 

New Jersey: Chocolate chip without nuts 

New Mexico: Biscochito 

New York: Chocolate chip without nuts

North Carolina: Chocolate chip without nuts 

North Dakota: Chocolate chip without nuts

Ohio: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Oklahoma: Chocolate chip with nuts

Oregon: Pumpkin spice

Pennsylvania: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Rhode Island: Biscotti 

South Carolina: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

South Dakota: Chocolate chip without nuts

Tennessee: Chocolate chip without nuts 

Texas: Cowboy

Utah: Chocolate chip without nuts 

Vermont: Maple pecan

Virginia: Peanut butter with chocolate chips

Washington: Apple cinnamon

West Virginia: Haystacks

Wisconsin: Chocolate chip without nuts

Wyoming: Cowboy

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