Owls In Canada Attacking Dogs


If you live in Canada and have a small dog you should keep Fido inside if you spot an owl. The CBC reports owls have been attacking dogs in the Edmonton area, which is strange behavior for the birds. In the last two cases the unfortunate dogs were attacked outside of their respective homes and each lost an eye. The owls reportedly were not scared away by human attempts to spook them, making the cases that much stranger.


The Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island will host Nancy Owen on January 8 at 3 pm for this program that will feature live owls. The program will cover the natural history of owls in general and the specifics of the 5 species of owls found in the Lowcountry. Owls are not only fascinating creatures featured in myths and beliefs of many cultures, but also active predators that are a crucial part of the ecosystem. Come and learn from owl expert Nancy wen about the physical features and characteristics that make these incredible creatures successful in the ecosystem.

Owen is the co-founder and co-owner/operator of Gryphon Den, which is located on 3 acres beside beautiful marshland on St. Helena Island SC. A federally Licensed Wildlife Educator, she runs “Creatures of the Night”, which is a non-profit (501c3), educational program devoted to creating awareness in humans of our natural world, and concern for creatures with whom we share the earth.

The program is $7 per participant (for ages 12 and older only) and reservations are required by calling 843-689-6767 ext. 223. The Museum is located at 70 Honey Horn Drive on Hilton Head Island.

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