The Chainsmokers get a taste of Army life at Fort Jackson SC


The Chainsmokers might be a chart-topping duo, but to the South Carolina National Guard they’re just a couple of grunts that need to be whipped into shape.

The dance-pop duo recently visited South Carolina’s National Guard at the McCrady training center in Fort Jackson to give a special performance to the troops, but they had a little fun with them first. They filmed a video for Instagram where they get yelled at by the training officers. It takes a while for everyone to realize that these two dudes out of uniform are actually the USO talent, but when they do, it’s all worth it.

In the video, Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart are pulled out a group of troops in formation to be loudly berated by their superiors before being forced to drop and deliver 20 pushups.

“We thought we were in formation but I guess not,” the band joked on Instagram. “Thanks to the USO for bringing us to McCrady training center to surprise Fort Jackson soldiers for holiday holdover leave. It was a honor to perform for all of you, thank you for your service to our country.”

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