SNL's Leslie Jones: success is not as glamorous as you'd think

Comedian Leslie Jones shared on social media that she isn’t feeling very optimistic about her dating options and about finding a partner for the future in general.

In a post that left fans more worried than laughing, the 50-year-old Saturday Night Live star said that she was starting to wonder why she was working so hard to be in her best shape if the people she is hoping will notice her fit frame – men – aren’t taking notice.

While sharing a picture of herself in the gym, the star said, “Ok back to cardio. But confession I feel like I’m doing it for nothing. I know it not I’m healthy and look good but I really feel like ‘what’s it all for’ if the people you want to notice don’t. I just feel like I might die alone. Sorry that’s pretty heavy today!! @trainwiththaddeus”

Many of her followers encouraged her by reminding the star of the importance of taking care of her health not for the gaze of men but for her own benefit.

“Leslie. I’m a minister + I can tell you that everyone dies alone,” said a commenter. “Be healthy for you. Don’t give so much power to men or objects of desire. Be your own romance. Get your own power back. I’m rooting for you.”

“Girl the most important thing is for you to do it because it makes YOU feel good!!” said another. “If people don’t notice and respect that, they are not worthy of your attention. Keep going.”

How surprisingly honest and vulnerable. I've always thought she was (and is) immensely talented.

We'll see her lighter side during the Winter Olympics from South Korea on NBC

She's gotten some wonderful responses on Twitter

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