Nurse's Facebook Video On The Flu Goes Viral

ER nurse Katherine Smith Lockler shared some “thoughts” on her Facebook about dealing with the flu, how to sneeze, staying hydrated, etc. It has been viewed over 8 million times.


If you think you can't get the flu....

...remember there are two strains, A and B. You can get A, and then get B. See this post from Dixie on Facebook:

Enough is enough! This has been a cruddy year. So far I have had strep throat, the flu and just getting over the flu for the second time. Just came from the doctor and my flu has turned into pneumonia. I told one of my friends I wanted a do over of 2018, but heck don’t need anything else. Lol. If you think you’re getting the flu. Get to your doctor! This stuff is no joke!

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