Husband takes 'dudeoir' photos to cheer up wife diagnosed with cancer

The stay-at-home dad decided to do something extra special for his wife this year after she was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

Armed with a pair of boxer briefs, some flour and a Christopher Walken pillow, Arnet managed to come up with the perfect way to cheer up the missus: a “dudeoir” photoshoot.

“I needed to do something to help her out, to make her feel good,” Arnet explained.

“She’s been very stressed out and I knew she’d find [the pictures] hilarious,” he told The Post.

Arnet, who is currently living in Vancouver, Washington, arranged to take the steamy shots after spotting a local photographer’s Facebook ad.

Hundreds of Facebook users have reached out and commented on the “dudeoir” photos, with many applauding Tyler for his bravery and eyeopening show of support following Stephanie’s cancer diagnosis.

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