He walked 11 miles to work every day--until his co-workers found out!!

This 21 year old single dad was walking 11 miles to work every day to be at UPS by 4am--and he did it for 7 months, never complaining, never telling anyone.  

But his co-workers in Little Rock, Arkansas, found out. And last week, they decided to make things right. 

They asked Lewis to come to a brief union meeting.  When he showed up, his stoic face gave way to disbelief and then a grateful smile as his coworkers handed him keys to a new car.

"I was emotionally moved. My heart just fell," he recalled.

A single dad walked 11 miles to work every day -- until his co-workers found out - CNN

But every large workforce has that one "queen bee" who knows all and sees all.

For Trenton Lewis, that was Patricia "Mama Pat" Bryant.

"She was like a second mom," Lewis said. "She actually got upset with me when she found out I was walking to work." 

"For a young person to decide in their mind 'if I don't have a ride, if I can't get a ride then I'll walk,'" Bryant said.  "If a guy can do that, we can pitch in to help."

The Bryants quietly shared Lewis' story with their fellow workers and took up a collection to buy their determined colleague a car. Most of the employees didn't even know Lewis but were impressed with his grit.  Soon enough, the group raised almost $2,000.

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