Bill Gates guesses actual retail prices of food items. (Hilarious!)


Bill Gates needs to get out of the house more often if his recent appearance on Ellen DeGeneres's show is any indication. 

The billionaire tech mogul joined Ellen on her show to talk about some of the work being done with the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. But, since he was there, Ellen decided to put the man worth more than $91 billion to the test on what he thinks common household items cost. 

In a game called "Bill's Grocery Bills," the 62-year-old was given the change to guess the prices of common household items. As you can imagine, it's been awhile since Bill had been to the grocery store. In Bill's world, a box of Rice-A-Roni costs $5 and a container of Tide Pods costs $4. 

The billionaire was a far better guesser when it came to dental floss (something he's intimately familiar with he told Ellen), correctly guessing it costs $4, not far from the actual price of $3.78. 

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