Georgia's Lt. Gov threatens Delta's tax breaks after cutting NRA ties

I am disappointed with comments from Georgia's Lt. Governor Casey Cagle wanting to punish Delta Airlines for no longer offering discounts to NRA members. 

The tax breaks would be given to Delta from the state which is Georgia's largest employer. The NRA is a private organization, and it seems wrong to me that Cagle is holding tax breaks hostage unless Delta reverses its decision.

I could understand it if Delta did something wrong: said something un-American, perhaps urged people to disrespect the President, or made a motion to discourage people from relocating to Georgia. But to punish Delta with no tax breaks because of a decision about the hottest topic in the country--gun safety--seems wrong and not the place of the lieutenant governor because he is an NRA member and feels the company's decision necessitates retaliation. I see it as a Constitutional issue and believe Cagle is overstepping his jurisdiction.  This is not a matter that requires political or government interference. They are both private businesses. Maybe the NRA should retaliate by telling its members not to fly Delta?

The NRA is a special interests group and the decision to give or not give Delta tax breaks should not have anything to do politics--especially since the NRA's home is not Georgia.

Here is some of the news coverage of this matter:

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