How do you turn songs from "Hamilton" into a polka medley? Watch!

“Weird Al” Yankovic  teamed up with Lin-Manuel Miranda to deliver the latest “Hamildrop” – “The Hamilton Polka,” a 14-track mashup of tunes from Miranda’s blockbuster stage production, Hamilton.

Yankovic puts his unique spin on fan favorites like “My Shot” in a rousing polka medley, running through all 14 tunes in five minutes flat.

Yankovic and Miranda appeared together Friday on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon to promote the new track, and things, naturally, got pretty silly.

“It is so intricate, it’s complex, it has every single thing that if you are a fan of ‘Weird Al’… like there’s a side whistle, there’s a duck quack, there’s a ‘pew!’ cartoon sound effects,” Fallon gushed of the new track. “It’s so great, the polka’s great, the harmony’s great, you’re rapping is great. This must be the most intricate thing you’ve ever done.”

Fallon also shared footage of him and Miranda listening to “The Hamilton Polka” for the first time, and they were super jazzed about it. In addition to joining Fallon for an interview, the entertainers lip-synced the “The Hamilton Polka” track.

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