This month's APPLES FOR TEACHERS winner: Brad Childress

Brad Childress is the welding instructor at May River High School in Bluffton, and his wife Kelly wrote in to nominate him--and he got the most votes! She wrote:

Mr. Childress has a way to connect with his students like no other teacher. He has a big heart & will do anything to see his kids succeed. Mr.Childress is truly here doing what God planned for him. He is a remarkable roll model for his students. Everyone is touched by his kindness and humbleness.

His kids love him and I was told that he often wraps his arms around kids that could be considered "at risk."

Pictured: Kristal from Brain Balance, Kelly and Brad Childress, Mark Robertson

Brad received an Amazon Echo, a $100 gift card, and his class got lunch!

Congratulations Brad!

Here is a project from Brad's class:  it's an All-American Sun Dial and the Eagle is the focal point of how it tells time!

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