TONIGHT! American Idol In Savannah!

So we now know that Katy is like Paula Abdul: she doesn't want to say anything bad about anyone. Lionel is taking on the Simon Cowell role--delivering the bad news to contestants. Here's what we may see tonight on "Idol"

Luke Bryan crashes a Georgia wedding after finishing his Savannah auditions and they showed the video tonight!                                                

LUKE BRYAN was in Savannah doing "American Idol" auditions. While he was there, he found out someone was having a wedding reception nearby so he made arrangements to crash it . . . while they were playing his song "Crash My Party".

The bride and groom are Austin Lipski and McKenna Neidlinger, and their families kept it quiet so Luke could surprise them on their big day. They had no idea until he walked into the room holding a bottle of champagne.

She came to Savannah from Denver to audition

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