Savannah Fire reunites lost dog with owner


Mary Thomas is grateful that the men and women of Savannah Fire are committed to serve, so is her little white dog Sir Bentley.

Sir Bentley -a fluffy, white Bichon Frise - slipped through a gap in her storm damaged fence and got out. Sir Bentley was given to the Thomas Family just a few months earlier following the death of their beloved family pet. He hadn’t learned his way around the annexed areas near the Thomas’ Ristona Drive home and wandered into the swampy woods around Bradley Boulevard and got stuck in the mud and muck. Personnel from Savannah Fire Station 12 found Sir Bentley and rescued him.

“They put their lives on the line going into burning buildings and saving lives and they even went into the woods to bring our lovely pet Bentley home,” Thomas said.

When they discovered Sir Bentley was missing, Mary Thomas and her husband Adrian scoured the area looking for their little lost dog. She was frantic by the time she reached their neighborhood fire station on Bradley Boulevard - Savannah Fire Station 12. But firefighters offered to help with the search for Sir Bentley.

"They went all back into the woods and kept looking and looking until we were able to bring him home,” Thomas said. “He went all up in there and couldn’t get his little self out. He was stuck in the mud and whining.”

The firefighters wrapped the mud caked dog in a towel and reunited him with the Thomas’. It was an even greater gift than the firefighters could have imagined, according to Mary Thomas. After she washed Sir Bentley up, they took him to her ailing father-in-law, who instantly bonded with the friendly dog. Sir Bentley is staying with her father-in-law as he recovers.

“We really appreciate their hard work and are proud to have Station 12 as our neighborhood fire department,” Thomas said.

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