There's one thing wrong with this commercial for Carl Jr.'s "Spiel-burgers"


 The fast food giant Carl's Jr (the west coast version of Hardee's) announced on Twitter Monday that it planned to rename their Charbroiled Sliders to “Spielburgers” as a tribute to the director and his movie Ready Player One. Carl’s Jr. tweeted: “BIG NEWS GUYS!! As a tribute to the legendary director of #ReadyPlayerOne, we’re going to change the name of our Charbroiled Sliders to #SpielBurgers. @StevenSpielberg hasn’t signed off yet, but we’re pretty sure he’ll be down with it.”

What a clever idea! 

This had to be a planned stunt because the Carl’s Jr. legal team surely knew that Spielberg would tweet out a video reply: “Hey there. It’s recently come to my attention that Carl’s Jr. wants to rename their Charbroiled Sliders ‘Spielburgers’. They’re pretty good, but I’m passing. Cease and desist. You can’t do it. Sorry guys.” Steven Spielberg might be a fan of Carl’s Jr. burgers, but he doesn’t want his name attached to them.



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