The proper way to eat a Cadbury Creme Egg

A Cadbury's worker has revealed the 'correct' way to eat a Creme Egg - and it involves licking out the filling.

Shaheed Khattak, a systems maintenance engineer at the Cadbury factory in Bournville, Birmingham, said you firstly have to bite off the top of the popular chocolate treat.

He explained that you then have to eat out the centre, before eating the rest of the shell on its own. 

Speaking to the HuffPost, Shaheed said: 'Who are these people out there eating them whole? You're asking for death by Creme Egg.

You have to bite the top, eat out the centre and then eat the shell on its own. Obviously.'  

He also revealed that the Creme Egg production line takes up two entire floors of the Cadbury's factory in Bournville. 

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