In between recording albums what's Adele up to? Weddings!

Adele didn’t just sing at her pal’s recent wedding. She also hosted the ceremony at her home, planned the food and officiated the ceremony!

Adele has confirmed that she performed the wedding for her two best friends, comedian Alan Carr and his partner Paul Drayton, back in January.

“Seeing as the cats out the bag. I married two of my best friends in January. You know me any excuse to dress up… @chattyman #LoveisLove,” Adele posted on Instagram, along with a photo of her at the wedding.

Alan divulged some details about the wedding earlier this week. “We’ve known [Adele] for ages and when we told her we were getting married she said, ‘Can I please plan the whole day for you?…So she organized everything. She’s the kindest, sweetest, most generous person ever,” Alan said on The One Show. “We go in there and there’s a grand piano with a man playing “Ordinary People” and then she sang our songs with the first dance. It was absolutely amazing. I can never repay her. She’s a one off. As we all know, she’s just the best.”

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