Justin Timberlake helps a fan announce her pregnancy

Justin Timberlake helped a fan make a special announcement during a recent concert.

During the 37-year-old performer’s concert at Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena on Monday, a fan requested he help announce her pregnancy.

The fan, Darcell Baxtresser, brought along a sign that read “Will you help me announce my pregnancy?” Of course, Justin was happy to help, stopping the show and announcing, “Baby Baxtresser arriving November 1, 2018!” He even gave the baby a new nickname: Baby Bax.

He even brought out a round of shots to celebrate the good news. Darcell, of course, didn’t partake, but Justin and his band members did.

Darcell said the pregnancy announcement with a big success. Her family wasn’t at the show but after she texted them a video of the moment they “freaked out.”

“I’ve loved him since I was 6 years old so if I wanted anyone in the world to announce it, it was him,” Darcell said.

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