Watch as a bald eagle lands on a baseball player before the game

 The patriotic pregame show ahead of the Minnesota Twins' home opener went awry when a bald eagle failed to cooperate. The bird, there for a ceremonial flight during the national anthem, landed on Seattle Mariners starting pitcher James Paxton instead of its handler, the AP reports. Paxton—a Canadian—was warming up in left field when the bird, which had been supposed to fly over the pitcher's mound, landed on him. Paxton took the surprise coolly, barely moving as the eagle was on his back, then continuing his warmup after it fell to the ground. "Figured I'm not going to outrun an eagle," he says. "So might as well see what happens." Fans joked about the eagle having granted Paxton US citizenship, USA Today reports. "James Paxton is American now. Sorry, Canada, that's the rules," tweetedJesse Specolorado. "You can have him back if a moose sits on him." The Twins went on to win 4-2.



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