David Copperfield may be forced to reveal his magic's secrets

 He can’t wave a magic wand at this mess. Magician David Copperfield is set to testify as early as Friday in a multimillion injury case filed by an audience member who was brain damaged by a Las Vegas illusion that went very wrong. Copperfield, who rose to fame escaping from Alcatraz and making the Statue of Liberty disappear, will be forced to testify, and possibly reveal the machinations behind his illusions. Gavin Cox, a former chef for British royalty, went to the MGM Hotel and Casino show for his birthday in 2013 and was plucked from the audience to participate in and illusion called THE VANISHING CROWD where audience members are brought on stage, seated, a curtain drops and the group disappears. But he fell and hit his head on his way through a secret passageway, suffering a traumatic brain injury, on his way to stage. Opening statements in the case are expected to take place today and jury selection is in progress. Both Cox and Copperfield (real name: Seth Kotkin) are expected to take the stand. 



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