Afraid of driving over bridges? These folks can take the wheel!

Most people look at a bridge and see it as a way to get to the other side. Others look at the same bridge and see a death-dealing monster blocking the way. For drivers paralyzed by an unusual fear of bridges, there’s help in one U.S. state. Drivers crossing the Delaware Memorial Bridge, connecting New Castle, Delaware, and Pennsville, New Jersey, can turn to the Acrophobia Escorts program, named after the fear of heights. Patrolmen meet them at the head of the bridge, then drive their cars across for them. One of the patrolmen says once an acrophobic person is in the passenger seat “that tends to be the only medication they need.” The service has been offered since the structure opened in 1951.

… At the Delaware Memorial Bridge there were with 323 transports in 2017 and 468 the year before. About 60 percent are repeat customers. Men are just as scared as women, millennials as bridge-shy as boomers.

… While acrophobes are afraid of heights, gephyrophobes have a specific fear of bridges.



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