Why he took his mom to the prom


An 18-year-old Texas student took an unexpected date to the senior prom. Joe Moreno of Corpus Christi took his mother, Vanessa, to prom at Collegiate High School on Friday — officially keeping a promise he made to her when he was in middle school. Joe explains: “My mom had me at 17, so she didn’t get to experience prom. I just really wanted to take her.”

… Mom Vanessa said, “Senior year came up and he brought up prom and I kept asking who he was taking, and he kept reassuring that it was me.”

… Ahead of the big night, Joe helped his mother pick out a prom dress and also bought her a corsage. He even picked her up “like a real date and walked in arm-in-arm with her.” The rest of the night included typical prom activities like dancing and taking an abundance of pictures.



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