Andrew Needum: The face of a humble hero (on Southwest's flight)

A firefighter from Texas is being lauded for his heroic efforts after he helped pull a fellow passenger back inside a plane when she was sucked outside during an emergency landing Tuesday in Philadelphia.

Celina firefighter Andrew Needum was nearby when debris from the engine explosion on Southwest Airlines flight 1380 ripped a hole in the window where 43-year-old Jennifer Riordan was sitting.

Riordan had been sucked outside the aircraft before Needum and another passenger, Tim McGinty, rushed to pull her back inside.

"When we saw the window was gone somebody saw the lady out of the window so just tried to get her back in and wasn't strong enough," McGinty told reporters afterward. "A fireman from Celina, Texas, jumped in there and helped and between the two of us we were able to get her back in."    

Needum then performed CPR on the banking executive from New Mexico, but unfortunately she suffered fatal head injuries in the bizarre incident.

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