Kelly Clarkson takes the kids to Disneyland

Kelly Clarkson’s three-and-a-half-year-old daughter River Rose is a boss baby. The singer tells People in its new “Beautiful Issue” that she can already tell River is going to be the CEO of a company someday.

“She will run a company one day because there’s no way she’s gonna work for anyone,” Kelly says. “She does not heed to advice very well. She’s just very ballsy, which is awesome.” She adds that River has had some empowering female role models, including Wonder Woman and Merida from Disney’s Brave.

This singer adds that she’s raising River, who also loves movies like Jurassic Park and Harry Potter, to be progressive. “I don’t want my daughter to be a pushover when she’s older. So that’s an awesome thing, it’s an awesome aspect of her character,” she explains. But, she adds, “At the same time, you also want to have an adult that doesn’t think they’re right all the time. But toddlers are just so egocentric and it’s just a stage that some people don’t grow out of, let’s be real. But mine will.”

As for her two-year-old son Remy, Kelly says he’s a “sensitive soul” with a bit of a destructive streak at the moment.

“You will melt. You will be like, ‘Ugh,’” she says. “[But]...I think he’s gonna be more the athlete, just like, ‘How can I knock something over?’ He’s like the Tasmanian Devil — anything that can and will be destroyed, is.”

Kelly is also stepmom to husband Brandon Blackstock’s children from a previous relationship: 11-year-old Seth and 16-year-old Savannah. And Kelly's mother in law is...Reba McEntire! :) #KellyRebaDuet 

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