She asked The Rock to be her prom date and then....

When Katie Kelzenberg asked Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to escort her to prom, she probably didn’t expect him to even notice her request, let alone post a heartfelt video response. On Twitter last week, the 18-year-old posted a short clip in which she declared herself “the biggest Dwayne Johnson fan” before showing off her collection of merchandise. Showing off her sense of humor, Katie dressed in a turtleneck, jeans and fanny pack — a style similar to that worn by Johnson in a now infamous photo taken of him in the ’90s.

… Not wishing to let Katie down, but realizing that he couldn’t make the date due to work commitments, The Rock recorded a video for her on his Instagram. And because he couldn’t make it to the prom, The Rock told Katie that he’d rented out an entire movie theater for her and her friends to see his new film, Rampage.

But he also had one other surprise for! 



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