Quitting the road doesn't mean Elton John is retiring

Elton John's career-long lyricist Bernie Taupin insists that Elton quitting the road doesn't mean he's retiring. Taupin told The Globe And The Mail, "Just because Elton is retiring from touring doesn’t mean he’s retiring. In fact, it’s going to give us even more time to make records and work on other projects. It’s not like we’re going quietly into the good night. Quite the contrary."

When asked why Elton John -- an infamous road horse if there ever was one -- is stepping away from the concert stage, Taupin said, "It’s the traveling. That’s what kills you. And he travels all over the world. What people don’t realize is that the tour is going to be a couple of years, plus. This is a man who continually plays all over the world and to give everyone their last shot, it’s going to take a long time."

  • Elton John and Bernie Taupin divvied up the duties in supervising the newly released Revamp & Restoration covers collections celebrating the songwriting team's 50 years of work -- with Elton tackling the pop recordings and Bernie shepherding the recording of the country-based tracks.
  • Bernie was asked what of the pair's songs he's especially proud of: "Things like 'This Train Don’t Stop There Anymore,' 'I Want Love,' and 'Sacrifice.' I’m thrilled that we got them covered. 'Sacrifice' is my favorite song. Or 'Candle In The Wind.' I think that’s a pretty perfect pop record."
  • Elton John told us that throughout his partnership with Bernie Taupin, one member has never outranked the other

What is YOUR favorite Elton song?

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