_ Last Spring, Fiona Presly was gardening outside her home in Scotland when she noticed a queen bumblebee at her feet. She quickly sensed that something wasn’t right as the bee seemed shaky and disoriented. Afraid she might get stepped on, Fiona bent down and noticed the queen bee had no wings. Not sure how else to help, Presly offered the bee some sugar water and set her on some flowers, hoping she’d be able to eventually manage on her own. When she checked the spot a few hours later, however, she found the bee hadn’t budged. To make matters worse, a heavy storm was brewing — so Presly went one step further: she took the bee inside that night, kept her warm and fed her more.

… Presly reached out to bee experts who told her it was likely she had a virus known to cause wing development issues. Unable to fly, the chances of survival were slim. Presly decided that she would try to help the bee, making her a tiny private garden to live out her final days. She enclosed the garden in netting so her winged counterparts couldn’t swoop in and deplete the garden. As the days continued, Fiona noticed the bee, which she named ‘Bee’, would emerge from the foliage every time she dropped by the enclosure. Under Fiona’s care, Bee outlived most other queen bumblebees.



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