Paramedic Stops For Slurpee, Ends Up Saving a Man's Life


A New York paramedic's rare craving for a cherry Slurpee at 7-Eleven put her in the right place at the right time to save the life of a man who suffered a heart attack and crashed his car. Christiana Corrado was enjoying her Slurpee after having just left the 7-Eleven in Yorktown Heights, New York when she noticed a car "speeding down Route 202" toward a busy intersection. The vehicle then slammed into a utility pole, which burst into flames, before rolling down a grassy knoll, hitting a parked and then coming to rest against the wall of a CVS building. 

Corrado pulled a U-turn in the middle of the road and rushed to the scene of the accident where she discovered the driver was unconscious and “slumped over toward the passenger side" of his vehicle. She told Westchester News 12 that she could not find his pulse and that "he was cyanotic — really, really blue." 

Corrado's training as a paramedic kicked in, even though she is retired and now works as an adjunct professor in prehospital emergency medicine at Westchester Community College. She pulled him from the vehicle and immediately began performing CPR while other bystanders called 911. 

After about two minutes of CPR, the man regained consciousness. 

“Hard, fast, and he went from blue to pale to pink, his eyes started to move, then his eyes opened and he actually started to talk and asked what is going on,” Cornado said.

Corrado said that the driver, identified as Michael Androsko, was more concerned that he may have hurt somebody else in the crash, than about his own injuries. 

"His main concern at that point was, was anybody else injured, did I hurt anybody during this," Corrado said. "And I thought that was phenomenal."

The 62-year-old driver was taken to Westchester Medical Center where he received treatment for his injuries and underwent open-heart surgery.

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